A downloadable game

Canopia is a spectacular, multiplayer game where four Blobkins must join forces to cleanse their enchanted forest of evil forces. One cannot do it alone, but there is "Strength in Unity" and working together is the only way to achieve your goals.


  • Use Joystick or keyboard arrows to move your character
  • Press "A" or "Space" button to jump

Theme: Strength in Unity

Players can attain new heights and move faster by teaming up with others. The only way to defeat the boss is by working together, as a whole.
When the Blobkins fuse together, their new form acts as a shield to protect them from damage.

Constraint 1: Multiplayer

  • 4-player co-op with state of the art "Press Any Button to Join" intro screen
  • Players must communicate to coordinate their movement

Constraint 2: Spectacular

  • Enjoy majestic artwork in 4K resolution
  • Witness breath-taking visual effects
  • Experience grand scale boss fight and environments


Canopia_OutermindsAlpha.zip 88 MB